16 June 2024
Ryan Tannehill's Wife

Ryan Tannehill, the quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, has been making headlines for his impressive performance on the field. However, his wife, Lauren Tannehill, has also been in the spotlight for her beauty and supportive role as a football wife. In this article, we will take a closer look at Lauren Tannehill’s life and her impact on Ryan’s career.

Lauren Tannehill’s Background

Lauren Tannehill was born on July 28, 1988, in Atlanta, Georgia. She attended Texas A&M University where she met Ryan Tannehill. The couple got married in 2012 and have been together ever since. Lauren is a former model and has worked with various brands such as Nike and Adidas. She has also appeared in several magazines, including Maxim and Esquire.

Supporting Ryan’s Career

As a football wife, Lauren has been a constant support system for Ryan throughout his career. She attends most of his games and is often seen cheering him on from the sidelines. In an interview with ESPN, Ryan stated that Lauren is his “rock” and that he couldn’t do what he does without her support.

Apart from attending games, Lauren also helps Ryan with his training and nutrition. She is a certified personal trainer and has helped Ryan maintain his fitness throughout the years. In an interview with Men’s Health, Ryan mentioned that Lauren is his “secret weapon” when it comes to staying in shape.

Lauren’s Philanthropic Work

Aside from her work as a model and personal trainer, Lauren is also involved in philanthropic work. She has worked with various charities such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. In 2014, she and Ryan started the Tannehill Family Foundation, which aims to support children and families in need.


In conclusion, Lauren Tannehill is more than just a football wife. She is a former model, personal trainer, and philanthropist who has made a significant impact on Ryan Tannehill’s life and career. Her unwavering support and dedication to helping others make her a role model for many.

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