14 June 2024
80s Fashion Men

Cropped shot of a handsome young man styled in 80s fashion

The 1980s was a decade of bold fashion statements, and men’s fashion was no exception. From the rise of power dressing to the emergence of streetwear, the 80s saw a variety of trends that have continued to influence fashion today. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most iconic 80s fashion trends for men.

Power Dressing: The Rise of Corporate Chic

The 80s was a decade of economic prosperity, and with it came a new style of dressing for men in the corporate world. Power dressing was all about projecting an image of success and authority through clothing. This meant sharp suits, crisp shirts, and bold accessories.

One of the most iconic power dressing looks for men was the double-breasted suit. This style featured a jacket with two rows of buttons, giving it a more formal and structured look. Paired with a wide tie and polished dress shoes, the double-breasted suit became a symbol of success and power in the business world.

Another key element of power dressing was the use of bold colors and patterns. Men began to experiment with bright hues like pink, purple, and electric blue, as well as eye-catching patterns like pinstripes and houndstooth. These bold choices helped men stand out in a sea of grey suits and white shirts.

Streetwear: The Emergence of Casual Cool

While power dressing dominated the corporate world, a new style was emerging on the streets. Streetwear was all about casual comfort and individual expression. This style was heavily influenced by hip-hop culture, with baggy pants, oversized t-shirts, and sneakers becoming staples.

One of the most iconic streetwear looks for men was the tracksuit. This matching set of sweatpants and sweatshirt was comfortable and practical, but also made a statement. Tracksuits were often worn with chunky sneakers and gold chains, creating a look that was both sporty and flashy.

Another key element of streetwear was the use of graphic tees. These t-shirts featured bold designs and slogans, often referencing pop culture or political issues. Paired with ripped jeans and high-top sneakers, graphic tees became a way for men to express their individuality and make a statement.

Punk: The Rebellion Against Conformity

While power dressing and streetwear were dominating mainstream fashion, there was also a rebellion brewing against conformity. Punk fashion was all about rejecting traditional norms and embracing a DIY attitude. This style was characterized by ripped clothing, safety pins, and bold haircuts.

One of the most iconic punk looks for men was the leather jacket. This classic piece of outerwear became a symbol of rebellion and nonconformity. Paired with ripped jeans and combat boots, the leather jacket helped men embrace their inner rebel.

Another key element of punk fashion was the use of accessories. Men began to wear studded belts, wristbands, and chokers as a way to add edge to their look. These accessories were often DIY, with men creating their own pieces using materials like safety pins and chains.

New Romantic: The Return of Glamour

While punk fashion was all about rejecting traditional norms, the new romantic movement was all about embracing glamour and excess. This style was characterized by frilly shirts, velvet jackets, and flamboyant accessories.

One of the most iconic new romantic looks for men was the ruffled shirt. This shirt featured frills and lace, giving it a romantic and feminine feel. Paired with a velvet blazer and dress shoes, the ruffled shirt became a symbol of glamour and sophistication.

Another key element of new romantic fashion was the use of accessories. Men began to wear jewelry like earrings and necklaces, often featuring bold designs and oversized stones. These accessories helped men embrace their inner rockstar and add a touch of glamour to their look.


The 80s was a decade of bold fashion statements for men, with power dressing, streetwear, punk, and new romantic all making their mark on the fashion world. While some of these trends may seem outdated today, they continue to influence fashion and inspire new styles. Whether you prefer the structured look of power dressing or the rebellious spirit of punk, there is something to be learned from the iconic fashion trends of the 80s.

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