14 June 2024
Tel Aviv-based 42m Series Partners 62m Wiggers VentureBeat

Tel Aviv-based companies continue to make waves in the tech industry, with recent funding rounds showcasing the city’s vibrant startup ecosystem. One such example is Panorays, a cybersecurity company that offers security risk management software. In a recent Series B funding round, Panorays raised an impressive $42 million, bringing its total funding to $62 million [1]. This funding was led by Greenfield Partners, highlighting the confidence investors have in the company’s potential. This article will delve into the details of Panorays’ latest funding round and explore the significance of Tel Aviv as a hub for innovative startups.


The Rise of Tel Aviv Startups

Tel Aviv has earned a reputation as a global tech hub, attracting both local and international investors seeking promising startups. The city’s vibrant ecosystem fosters innovation and entrepreneurship, making it an ideal breeding ground for cutting-edge companies [2]. With its strong focus on technology and a highly skilled workforce, Tel Aviv has produced numerous successful startups in various sectors, including cybersecurity.

Panorays’ Series B Funding Round

Panorays’ recent Series B funding round is a testament to the company’s growth and potential. Led by Greenfield Partners, the $42 million investment will enable Panorays to further develop its security risk management software and expand its market reach [1]. The company’s platform provides organizations with comprehensive visibility into their third-party security risks, helping them mitigate potential vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Investor Confidence in Panorays

The participation of Greenfield Partners in Panorays’ funding round demonstrates the investor community’s confidence in the company’s vision and capabilities. Greenfield Partners, known for its investments in high-growth technology companies, recognizes Panorays’ potential to disrupt the cybersecurity landscape [1]. This funding will provide Panorays with the necessary resources to scale its operations and solidify its position as a leader in security risk management software.

Tel Aviv’s Thriving Startup Ecosystem

Panorays’ successful funding round is just one example of the thriving startup ecosystem in Tel Aviv. The city’s supportive infrastructure, access to talent, and strong network of investors have contributed to its reputation as a global innovation hub [2]. Other Tel Aviv-based startups, such as Salto and Cider Security, have also recently secured significant funding rounds, further highlighting the city’s prowess in the tech industry [3][4].


Tel Aviv continues to attract attention as a hotbed for innovative startups, with Panorays’ recent $42 million Series B funding round serving as a prime example. The city’s vibrant ecosystem and investor confidence have propelled Tel Aviv-based companies to the forefront of various industries, including cybersecurity. Panorays’ success underscores the potential for growth and disruption within the Tel Aviv startup scene. As the city’s reputation continues to grow, it is likely that more groundbreaking companies will emerge, further solidifying Tel Aviv’s position as a global tech hub.

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