14 June 2024
pest control with your kids at home

Most parents often have this question lurking in their mind about pest controls services in the presence of their kids. If you too are thinking of the same, welcome to the page. We will help you understand the benefits of pest control keeping in mind the safety of your family. Other than children, you have to be extra careful for your pets as well as they are highly more prone to licking and smelling the toxic substances present in pesticides.

You must know whether the particular measure on pest control safe around kids. Read till the end to know everything about pest control and safety of children.

Is it safe to do a pest control with your kids at home?

Pests can be of various types and a few common to mention include lizards, termites, spiders, rats, and cockroaches. All of these and the others carry dreadful diseases. Neglecting their presence in your property may result in hazardous situations for your family. One of the major reasons for most property damages and people’s ill health is pest infestation.

Infants are more prone to health problems due to pesticides used in driving the pests away. However, the substances used in these pesticides may be toxic and fatal to human as well as animal life. You must keep away these products from your children and pets. If you plan to call a professional pest control service company, ensure that these are done when your children and pets are not around.

Maintain a gap of 42 hours before you allow the children and pets in the room where pesticides and insecticides are sprayed. Although professionals can help you deal with annoying pests, you must take all precautions to keep your family away including your pets. 

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure and in many cases, cure is disastrous due to surgeries involved for removing the poisonous substances. Elders and children often live with infections and develop allergies for life due to exposure of toxic substances present in pesticides.


Seeking support on pest control safe around kids and also about pet-friendly/human-friendly pest control products may help you. Make a list of the concerns and problems faced by your by these pests and find out solutions on the same by these professionals. You may also discuss regular pest control services on contract with them.

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