14 June 2024

With the new funding, Automattic plans to invest heavily in expanding its product offerings and improving the overall user experience. WordPress.com, which powers more than 35% of all websites on the internet, will see significant improvements in terms of performance, security, and functionality. The company will focus on developing new features and tools that empower users to create and manage their websites more efficiently.

Additionally, Automattic intends to strengthen its e-commerce capabilities by further developing WooCommerce, the popular WordPress plugin that enables users to set up online stores. This investment will enable small businesses and entrepreneurs to leverage the power of WordPress.com and WooCommerce to grow their online presence and drive sales.

2. Global Expansion and Localization Efforts

Automattic has always been committed to making its products accessible to users around the world. With this new funding, the company plans to accelerate its global expansion efforts by establishing new offices and hiring local talent in key markets. By having a more significant presence in different regions, Automattic aims to better understand local needs and provide tailored solutions to users worldwide.

Furthermore, localization will be a key focus for Automattic. The company will invest in translating its products into more languages, ensuring that users from diverse backgrounds can fully utilize WordPress.com and its associated services. This commitment to localization will enable Automattic to reach a broader audience and foster a more inclusive online community.

3. Strengthening the WordPress Ecosystem

As the driving force behind WordPress.com, Automattic recognizes the importance of nurturing and strengthening the WordPress ecosystem. The company plans to allocate a portion of the funding towards supporting open-source initiatives, contributing to the development of WordPress core, and collaborating with plugin and theme developers.

By investing in the WordPress community, Automattic aims to foster innovation, improve the overall quality of WordPress products, and ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform. This commitment to the open-source community aligns with Automattic’s mission of democratizing publishing and empowering individuals and businesses to succeed online.

4. Emphasizing Privacy and Security

In an era where data privacy and security are paramount concerns, Automattic remains committed to protecting its users’ information. The company plans to invest in advanced security measures and infrastructure enhancements to ensure that WordPress.com remains a safe and secure platform for users.

Automattic will also continue to advocate for privacy rights and support initiatives that promote transparency and data protection. By prioritizing privacy and security, Automattic aims to build trust with its users and provide them with a secure environment to create, publish, and interact online.


Automattic’s successful Series D funding round, raising $250 million, marks a significant milestone for the company. With this substantial investment, Automattic is poised to enhance its products, expand its global reach, and strengthen the WordPress ecosystem. By focusing on product development, global expansion, localization efforts, community support, and privacy and security measures, Automattic is well-positioned to continue its mission of democratizing publishing and making the web a better place for all.

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