15 June 2024

Abraham Lee Shakespeare, a name that once echoed with the promise of a better life, tragically transformed into a symbol of fortune gone awry. Born on April 24, 1966, in Sebring, Florida, Shakespeare’s life took an unexpected turn when he won a massive lottery jackpot in 2006. Little did he know that this windfall would lead him down a path of deception, betrayal, and ultimately, a heartbreaking end.

The Lottery Win:

In November 2006, Abraham Shakespeare hit the jackpot, winning $30 million in the Florida Lottery. His life, marked by financial struggles and menial jobs, seemed poised for a complete turnaround. Friends and family rejoiced with him as he embraced the possibilities that such wealth could offer. However, the allure of newfound fortune often brings more challenges than one could anticipate.

Exploited Trust:

Shakespeare’s story took a dark turn when he encountered DeeDee Moore, a woman who would later be implicated in his tragic downfall. Moore approached Shakespeare with promises of financial advice and support, presenting herself as a benevolent guide in the world of newfound wealth. Little did Shakespeare know, he was about to be ensnared in a web of deceit.

DeeDee Moore’s Betrayal:

DeeDee Moore quickly gained Shakespeare’s trust, convincing him to transfer the management of his assets to her. She claimed it was for his own protection, citing concerns about people taking advantage of him. Unfortunately, Moore had darker intentions. Instead of safeguarding his wealth, she began embezzling money and manipulating Shakespeare’s life.

The Disappearance:

As Moore tightened her grip on Shakespeare’s finances, his relationships with friends and family deteriorated. In 2009, Abraham Shakespeare mysteriously disappeared. Friends and family grew increasingly concerned, prompting a missing person investigation. It was later revealed that Shakespeare had been murdered, buried under a concrete slab behind a home owned by Moore’s ex-husband.

Legal Battles and Justice:

DeeDee Moore’s deceitful actions eventually caught up with her. In 2012, she was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole. The trial exposed the intricate web of lies and manipulation that led to Shakespeare’s untimely demise. The case served as a cautionary tale about the dangers of trusting the wrong people, even in the wake of financial windfalls.

Impact on the Community:

Abraham Lee Shakespeare’s tragic story resonated not only on a personal level but also within the broader community. His case highlighted the vulnerabilities that can arise when individuals suddenly come into large sums of money. The cautionary tale prompted discussions about the need for financial literacy education and protection measures for lottery winners.

Legacy and Remembering Abraham Lee Shakespeare:

Despite the tragedy that marked his later years, it’s essential to remember Abraham Lee Shakespeare for the person he was before his life took a dark turn. Born into modest circumstances, Shakespeare’s initial joy and dreams of a brighter future were eclipsed by the betrayal of those he trusted. His legacy serves as a somber reminder of the fragility of trust and the importance of safeguarding one’s newfound wealth.


Abraham Lee Shakespeare‘s life, from a hopeful lottery winner to a victim of manipulation and murder, is a poignant narrative that warns against the pitfalls that can accompany sudden wealth. The tale of betrayal, deceit, and tragedy surrounding his life serves as a cautionary reminder for those who find themselves thrust into the spotlight of financial windfalls. It is a story that prompts reflection on the importance of trust, the need for financial literacy, and the potential dangers that can lurk behind the façade of newfound fortune.

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